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Dr. Myriam  Jansen-Verbeke’s life started in the heart of the historic city of Bruges, Belgium, now a star on the Unesco World Heritage list. This was my omen leading to an academic career in urban planning and conservation, with the challenges of managing the process of tourismification of cultural landscapes becoming a priority. My path started in Leuven and led to the University of Nijmegen, where I got involved in policy supporting fieldwork in historic cities.  In 1993, I occupied an endowed chair in Tourism Management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands, moving later to University of Leuven, to finally become Professor Emerita. As a member of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism, doors were opened for networking. The focus gradually shifted to heritage and tourism synergies and conflicts in various geographical, cultural, and political settings. 

Dr. Myriam  Jansen-Verbeke 

The Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium 

Branding Cultural Destinations: Synergy between Tangible and Intangible Heritage
An  awareness  about the tourism potential of  cultural resources  has existed,  yet  the global growth in the last decennia creates new challenges. Cultural values are selectively given  to the past, mainly to re-create  cultural identies. Heritage  resources are now used as a USP in branding places. Heritagezation leads  to discussions about  ownership  of resources, to discrepancy in values and sustainable authenticity. Little is known about  the long  term impacts of tourism, on unique and  vulnerable  landscapes, buildings  and  "traditions of living heritage”. The challenge for destination managers/marketeers  is to understand and anticipate the dynamics of  interlinked processes  regarding the construction of heritagescapes and competitive tourismscapes. There is no receipe for a succesful  tourism development, but  there are management models applicable  in  the specific  social, cultural, political, and spatial contexts. Our focus will be on the application a management model for cultural destinations.

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