Dr. Ana María Munar


Dr. Ana María Munar






Dr. Ana María Munar is Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. Her research interests are in digital tourism, destination branding, epistemology, gender and policy in tourism higher education. Her recent research project, "While Waiting for the Dawn”, studies the impact of gender in the tourism academy. Ana has occupied a series of recent and past positions in academic bodies. At her present university she holds board membership positions at the Diversity and Inclusion Council, the Association of Faculty Staff and the board of tutors for the Assistant Professors Pedagogical Programme. She is member of the Executive Committee of the Tourism Education Futures Initiative (TEFI), and board member of the annual International Seminar on Innovation and Tourism (INTO).





Ana María Munar
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

This workshop examines digital tourists and how digital technologies transform their experiences and impact destination branding. Technological tools are not passive objects; they carry affordances enabling as well as shaping tourist behavior.  Social media technologies fundamentally change tourists’ social worlds and have the potential to enact new tourism realities. In this workshop, we explore how to develop market research tools to understand better the digital tourist and how to apply this knowledge for destination branding development.   Through the activities of this workshop, we get a closer look at tourists’ motives for contributing to social media sites and their willingness to share online content. It provides insights on technology adoption, transformations of tourism sociocultural practices, hedonic aspects and utilitarian values of new media. Cyberspace tourists constitute new types of reference groups like communities of strangers that can contribute to the development of innovative tourism products and destinations.


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