William C. Gartner

William C. Gartner

William C. Gartner, Ph.D., is professor in the Applied Economics Department at the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. ). His research interests include branding, image, economic impact, and tourism development. He has worked extensively in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa and holds visiting professor positions at four different international universities. He has led the tourism marketing and development portion of  a major development project in Ghana, conducted a tourism development assessment project in Peru and was the lead economist on a project in Kafue National Park in Zambia. He is the past President of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism 





Destination Branding: Challenges and Opportunities

Destination branding is a complex task. Unlike consumer product branding where the message is controlled by a single entity, multiple stakeholders make destination branding challenging and time consuming. The presence of other external actors (such as tour operators) only makes the process more difficult to manage. The goal of a unified destination brand promoted by all stakeholders is often an unrealized dream. Destination branding has different dimensions (including quality, loyalty, image, value, and awareness) that taken together create brand equity. Market reaction to the different dimensions provides insights into how to create a destination brand. 


City Brand Development



Brand development is a complex process. It requires a well thought out strategy with cooperation between different entities. It becomes more complex as the strategy moves from developing a brand for a single product to an integrated company or city. . Understanding the Dimensions of a brand are critical in developing the correct strategy. Knowledge of your market makes city branding more successful. This workshop will take you through the steps to developing a place/city brand.


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