Miroslav Dragičević, PhD

Miroslav Dragičević, PhD

Miroslav Dragičević, PhD

Miroslav Dragičević, PhD, is Senior Partner, Horwath HTL Croatia. With over 35 years of expertise in tourism research and advising, including the position of executive director of the Institute for Tourism, Miroslav founded Horwath HTL Croatia in 1993. Since then, he has been committed to the development of management consulting in hospitality and tourism, establishing Horwath HTL Croatia as the leading consulting company in Southeast Europe. Miroslav was involved in the development of two hospitality management companies and has been creating numerous strategic development plans of destinations, countries, national marketing systems, and national tourism organisations.

Miroslav is a member of ISHC, Tourist Research Center (TRC) and AIEST.




Global Best Practice in Destination Branding

Miroslav Dragičević

Siniša Topalović

Horwath HTL, Croatia


Thorough analysis, critical thinking, and future visioning enable right positioning and provide clear direction to the future development of tourism brands. To develop a brand

and effectively manage it, a clear understanding of the brand’s ecosystem is necessary. Mastering complex ecosystem of the destination brand is challenging. But if done properly, it results in distinct value. In this workshop, Horwath HTL would cover key elements of the ecosystem and their relations, including destination brand specifics; destination brand identity; DMO; channels; competition and people. Finally, the workshop would delineate key disruptors of the brand ecosystem, being digital channels, devices, or solutions.


?Tourism (Brand) of Iran: Bright Future, Tough Fight, or Both

This workshop presents most important global tourism trends, both qualitative and quantitative, coupled with showcase of successful country tourism brands. Tourism branding without strong product essence is short term and expensive undertaking. Therefore, during second part of the workshop, Horwath HTL team interactively will engage the audience in discussion on some of most important strategic challenges related to Iran tourism: vision, key destinations, products, key markets, management and marketing. These all have deep implications on developing future tourism brand of Iran.

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